What is RTT on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

What is RTT on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’ve been using an iPhone, you may have come across the term RTT. But what exactly is RTT on iPhone? In this comprehensive guide, we will explain what RTT is, how it works, and how you can use it on your iPhone. So, let’s dive in!

What is RTT?

RTT stands for Real-Time Text, and it is a technology that allows users to send and receive text messages instantly during a phone call. Unlike traditional SMS or iMessage, which are sent and received after the call, RTT enables real-time communication.

How does RTT work on iPhone?

When using RTT on an iPhone, both parties need to have a compatible device and a cellular plan that supports RTT. Once the call is established, the RTT feature can be activated by tapping on the “RTT” button on the call screen.

Once enabled, both parties can start typing and the text will be displayed in real-time within the call interface. The text is updated instantly as it is being typed, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted communication.

Why should you use RTT on iPhone?

There are several reasons why you might want to use RTT on your iPhone. Here are a few key benefits:

1. Accessibility: RTT is especially useful for individuals with hearing or speech impairments, as it allows them to communicate effectively during a phone call.

2. Real-time communication: With RTT, you can have instant text conversations while on a call. This can be useful in situations where you want to share information quickly without interrupting the conversation.

3. Privacy: RTT provides a discreet way of communication, as the text is only visible to the parties involved in the call. This can be beneficial in situations where you need to exchange sensitive or confidential information.

How to use RTT on iPhone?

Using RTT on an iPhone is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to enable and use RTT:

1. Make sure both parties have a compatible iPhone and a cellular plan that supports RTT.

2. During a phone call, tap on the “RTT” button on the call screen.

3. The call screen will switch to the RTT interface, where you can start typing your messages. The text will be displayed in real-time to both parties.

4. To switch back to the regular call interface, tap on the “RTT” button again.

5. To end the RTT session, simply end the call as you would normally.


Now that you know what RTT is and how it works on iPhone, you can take advantage of this useful feature for real-time text communication. Whether you have accessibility needs or simply want a discreet way to chat during a phone call, RTT offers a convenient solution. So, go ahead and try it out on your iPhone!


1. What does RTT stand for on an iPhone?

RTT stands for Real-Time Text, a feature that allows users to communicate by typing and exchanging text messages in real-time during a phone call.

2. How can I enable RTT on my iPhone?

To enable RTT on your iPhone, go to Settings, then Accessibility, and select RTT/TTY. Toggle the RTT/TTY switch to On.

3. Can I use RTT with all phone carriers?

RTT is supported by many phone carriers, but it’s important to check with your specific carrier to ensure compatibility and availability.

4. Can I use RTT on Wi-Fi calls?

Yes, RTT can be used on Wi-Fi calls as long as your carrier supports RTT over Wi-Fi.

5. How do I start an RTT call on my iPhone?

To start an RTT call on your iPhone, make a phone call as usual and then tap the RTT button (represented by a text bubble icon) that appears on the call screen.

6. Can I use RTT during a FaceTime call?

No, RTT is not currently available during FaceTime calls. It is primarily designed for standard phone calls.

7. What are the benefits of using RTT on iPhone?

Using RTT on iPhone allows individuals with hearing or speech disabilities to communicate more effectively during phone calls, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.

8. Can I use emojis and other multimedia in RTT messages?

No, RTT messages are limited to plain text. Emojis and multimedia cannot be used within RTT conversations.

9. How can I switch to TTY mode during an RTT call?

To switch to TTY mode during an RTT call, tap the audio button on the call screen, then tap “TTY.” This allows you to use a traditional TTY device if necessary.

10. Is RTT available in all countries?

RTT availability varies by country and carrier. It’s best to check with your local carrier or Apple’s support website to determine if RTT is available in your region.