How to Remove YouTube Shorts: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Remove YouTube Shorts: A Comprehensive Guide

With the increasing popularity of YouTube shorts, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon unwanted or irrelevant content while browsing. If you have found yourself in such a situation and want to remove YouTube shorts from your feed or search results, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to remove YouTube shorts.

Understanding YouTube Shorts

Before we delve into the removal process, it’s important to understand what YouTube shorts actually are. YouTube shorts are brief vertical videos that last up to 60 seconds and are typically accompanied by catchy music or sound bites. They are designed to be easily digestible and shareable, similar to the popular TikTok platform.

Why Remove YouTube Shorts?

While many users enjoy YouTube shorts and find them entertaining, there are several reasons why you may want to remove them from your YouTube experience. Some common reasons include:

1. Irrelevant content: The YouTube algorithm may occasionally recommend shorts that are not aligned with your interests or preferences.

2. Overwhelming feed: If you find that your YouTube home feed is flooded with shorts and you prefer a different type of content, removing them can help declutter your feed.

3. Limited viewing time: If you have limited time for browsing YouTube and prefer longer-form videos, removing shorts can help you focus on the content you enjoy.

Step-by-step Guide to Removing YouTube Shorts

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of removing YouTube shorts. Follow these steps to regain control over your YouTube experience:

1. Open the YouTube app or website: Launch the YouTube app on your mobile device or open the YouTube website in your preferred browser.

2. Sign in to your account: If you’re not already signed in, enter your credentials to access your YouTube account.

3. Navigate to the shorts tab: In the YouTube app, tap on the “Shorts” tab located at the bottom of the screen. On the website, click on the “Explore” tab and select “Shorts” from the drop-down menu.

4. Tap on the three-dot menu: Once you are in the shorts tab, locate the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on it to open the menu options.

5. Select “Not Interested”: In the menu options, you will see “Not Interested” as one of the choices. Tap on it to indicate that you are not interested in YouTube shorts.

6. Confirm your choice: A pop-up message will appear asking if you want to “Tell us why” or simply “Undo.” If you want to provide a more specific reason for removing shorts, select “Tell us why.” Otherwise, choose “Undo” to confirm your decision without further explanation.

7. Repeat the process for search results: To remove YouTube shorts from your search results, perform the same steps outlined above. Once you select “Not Interested” in the three-dot menu, YouTube will take note of your preference and modify future search results accordingly.

Enjoy a Shorts-free YouTube Experience

By following these simple steps, you can remove YouTube shorts from your feed and search results, providing a more tailored and enjoyable experience. Remember that YouTube’s algorithm adapts to your preferences over time, so it may take a few interactions to see the desired results. With your newfound knowledge, you can now take control over your YouTube content and focus on the videos that truly interest you. Happy watching!


1. Can YouTube Shorts be permanently removed from my channel?

No, YouTube Shorts cannot be permanently removed from your channel as they are a feature of the platform.

2. How can I disable YouTube Shorts on my channel temporarily?

To temporarily disable YouTube Shorts on your channel, you can go to your YouTube Studio settings and turn off the Shorts creation feature.

3. Will disabling YouTube Shorts affect my overall channel performance?

Disabling YouTube Shorts will not directly affect your overall channel performance. However, if your videos on the Shorts shelf were performing well, it may impact your short-term viewership.

4. Can I choose which videos I want to appear in the YouTube Shorts shelf?

No, you cannot choose which videos appear in the YouTube Shorts shelf as it is algorithmically determined based on various factors like viewer engagement, video length, music usage, etc.

5. Is there a way to limit the visibility of my YouTube Shorts to specific regions?

Currently, there is no option to limit the visibility of your YouTube Shorts to specific regions. They are visible to users worldwide.

6. Can I disable YouTube Shorts only for specific videos?

No, you cannot disable YouTube Shorts for specific videos. It is an all or nothing feature that can be turned on or off for your entire channel.

7. Are YouTube Shorts considered as separate videos on my channel?

Yes, YouTube Shorts are considered as separate videos on your channel. They are shown in the Shorts shelf and can also appear in the regular video uploads section.

8. Do YouTube Shorts count towards my channel’s watch hours?

Yes, YouTube Shorts count towards your channel’s watch hours. However, they may have different monetization rules compared to regular videos.

9. Can I monetize my YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can monetize your YouTube Shorts if you meet the eligibility criteria for monetization on the platform.

10. Are YouTube Shorts suitable for all types of content creators?

YouTube Shorts can be suitable for a wide range of content creators. However, it is more popular among creators who focus on entertaining, quick, and visually appealing content.